Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spring, Recovery and Earth Day

It’s been a horrid winter – my paw’s been awfully sore,
But spring’s now in the air and in my step.
So with keen anticipation, I’m standing by the door,
As I was weary, aching, low, now I am full of pep!

A brand new day is dawning here in sunny Aberdeen,
And I see no point in lingering inside.
The world beyond awaits us, unsullied, fresh and green,
And I’m all bushy tailed, bright eyed!

I bounce past granite houses to the gates of Duthie Park,
I greet my pals and savour every smell.
Oh I am truly joyful; life is once again a lark,
So I pause for just a moment to give thanks that all is well!

PS I am so proud to have taken part in Louis Dog Armstong's Earth Day Challenge. Click here to see all the entries.

And finally, with my Boffin hat on, I would like to congratulate these 28 Very Good Dogs who yesterday took part in the March for Science.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Top notch Easter Weekend

As my regular readers know, I have come to expect excellent service on the East Coast trains when I travel between home in Aberdeen and visiting Human Granny in her Care Home near Nottingham.

But I must say, the conductor on yesterday's train back north excelled himself. After noticing that I was languishing on the floor while a seat was available next to Gail, he patted the empty seat encouragingly,  saying "Come up here Bertie; you'll be much more comfortable", and he lifted me so I could cuddle up to Gail. Then he took a nice photo of us (see below) and offered to fetch a bowl of water any time I should feel thirsty.

This is what I call Top Notch customer service.

In fact, it was all round a Top Notch Easter Weekend in Nottingham. Of course I got to spend quality time with Human Granny (whom we found in good spirits), played lots of tug-the-roadkill-fox with Gail's friend Janet, and on Easter Monday visited my poodle cousins Coco and Percy in Derbyshire.

I also met a most agreeable WFT called Teddy when out and about in Nottingham.

And finally, when taking a stroll between trains at Newcastle, I had good cause to feel grateful that I am a dog not a human...

Yes all in all, it was a totally spiffing Easter weekend.

PS Gail is betting that somewhere in the world someone is offering colonic irrigation for dogs...

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Fluffy Bunny Ears

On Tuesday last week Gail, along with several female colleagues, received an invitation from her boss Alison, to attend a 'civilised hen party' ahead of Alison's wedding in June.

I understand that Gail replied thus:

Thank you very much for the invitation. I had thought I was past the age for attending hen parties but I shall be very pleased to come along, especially as it seems there will be no requirement to wear pink fluffy bunny ears…

Two days later, we were on the Friday morning train, heading to Newcastle (aka Hen Party Capital of the UK) en route to visiting Human Granny in Nottingham, and we met this party of exuberant young-ish ladies.

PS Gail failed to resist the temptation to email this photo to Alison...